This place, known as the Villa of Mycyny, drinks you with the richness of nature. In a beautiful land of forests and meadows, warmed by the Masurian sun that brings nature to life, you will find your space for rest and relaxation.


Skimming forests, crowded with bird song and the smell of pine needles, wrapped in the morning dew invite guests to the nature-strolling walks. The paths leading to the mysterious corners of the forest are filled with mushrooms, blueberries and sweet blackberries that will stimulate our senses before a truly home-made dinner.


Flowering meadows, over which puffy clouds rise, are places especially liked by children. They can carelessly run after them and have fun breathing in healthy, clean air.


During a cycling trip, the dirt roads, without the city noise, are asked to show you, and your family, the beauty of nature surrounding Villa Mycyny. And horses galloping past the boundless pastures will certainly fill your eyes with a wonderful, unforgettable view.


When the moon hits the starry sky, the grill warms up and invites you to it. The jug straight from the fire served with a bouquet of fresh vegetables will taste great during evening conversations.


After a successful day, filled with many attractions, Willa Mycyny will invite you to a warm, cozy room, to have a nice coffee on the porch in the morning after a good night's sleep

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